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With Love, Argan

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So are we…

Sales Agents Required
Luxury organic skincare brand, With Love, Argan is looking to recruit dedicated sales agents across the UK and overseas.
Offering a collection of seven beautifully hand-crafted natural and organic skincare solutions, gift packs and a range of exclusive UK-designed jewellery, With Love, Argan is a small brand with a huge amount of potential.

We are seeking passionate, experienced self-employed sales agents who would be willing to take ownership of our products and present them to the world.
With the demand for organic skincare growing exponentially, this is an amazing opportunity to become a part of something special. Grow your business as we grow ours.

Target Areas
Agents wanted UK and Europe/Worldwide

Agents Package
• 10% Commission
• With Love, Argan will supply successful candidates with all necessary POS

Interested? We would love to hear from you…