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Wilson Energy

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Turn on your Energy to Sales

Area – UK Nationwide

Attractive commissions will be paid based on a % age of revenue generated for the life of the client relationship. Major projects are usually rolled out in several phases over extended periods and total values are typically measured in 6 or 7 figures and can last several years. This is a significant earnings opportunity for the right agents.
Sales Agents Required
We’re a localised heating, metering and billing services for District Heating Schemes/Heat Network projects. Due to continued success we are now seeking an individual who has senior contacts within the following target markets and can use these existing relationships to identify new business opportunities for Wilson Energy services. These target markets include: House Builders, Property Developers, Heat Network Operators, Mechanical and Electrical Consultants, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors.
About us
District Heating Schemes currently supply over 300,000 dwellings in the UK and replace traditional distributed gas boilers in large multi dwelling developments whether these are high density (apartment blocks) or low density (housing estates).
The technology is considered to be 30 – 40% more efficient and environmentally friendly and planned growth driven from Central Government is targeted at having 8 – 10 million properties using these schemes by 2030. Such schemes use hot water that is generated in large energy centres and then piped into each dwelling where local electric heaters (Heat Interface Units) ensure the temperatures are appropriate for domestic hot water supply, radiators and underfloor heating schemes. Wilson Energy supplies these HIUs and associated heat metering and billing platforms.