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The Right Choice in Heating

Area – England, Wales, Scotland
7% Commission + Training + Marketing Support

Sales Agents Required
We are seeking agents with customers in the Bathroom, radiator and general heating
fields throughout England, Scotland and Wales.
We aim to be synonymous for excellent customer service and providing the best quality
designer radiators, panel radiators as well as boilers and to become market leaders in
this growing market. We provide thorough marketing support and training to further
promote our products.
About us
The Warmhaus product range comprises of Compact Panel Radiators, Boilers, Multi
Column Radiators, Chrome plated radiators, Stainless Steel design radiators, Vertical and
Horizontal radiators designed for living rooms as well as Traditional radiators.
We are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing manufacturers in our field globally
and are one of the top 5 manufacturers of radiators in Turkey. The company produces
radiators in it’s plant of 27,500 sqm and boilers in it’s plant of 8,000 sqm in Turkey.
The Company was established in 1996 as a subsidiary of Beyçelik Holding, which
also has branches in automotive, energy and insurance fields and currently provides
employment opportunities for almost 4,000 people in the mentioned fields with annual
turnover of Eur 500m.
Our website is www.warmhaus.co.uk you will also find a wealth of products and
be able to view our range in full.