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Vorwerk UK LTD

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Do you love cleaning? Are you proud of your beautifully kept home and enjoy imparting your cleaning wisdom and knowledge into others? If so, this could be the beginning of something amazing. Unrivalled in innovation, Kobold is a luxury vacuum cleaner brand offering innovative, German-engineered products that are designed to keep homes clean, fresh and protected from allergens. Our complete home cleaning system and attachments enable customers to dry clean furniture and carpets, vacuum and mop simultaneously, clean car interiors, wash windows, and so much more.

In the UK we have ambitious expansion plans for our growing market. We’re looking for entrepreneurial individuals to become Kobold advisors and showcase our products in friendly, informal home demonstrations.


Becoming a Kobold advisor opens up a world of new opportunities…

  • Be your own boss; start a business with the support and backing of an established brand
  • Work flexible hours that suit you and your lifestyle
  • Meet new people and be part of a growing community
  • Be rewarded and recognised with regular incentive trips and prizes
  • Earn a living in a fun, flexible and social way by sharing your passion with others

Start your journey today.

Want to know more, visit https://kobold.vorwerk.co.uk/career/

Contact info@vorwerk.co.uk or 0330 660 0834