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Vorwerk UK LTD

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Looking to add a fantastic new product to your portfolio?
Look no further than Vorwerk!

Established in Germany in 1883, Vorwerk is now one of the largest Direct Sales Companies in the world.
Originating as a Carpet Manufacturer, its other recognised UK Brands include Thermomix and Kobold with over 125,000 customers in the UK. With ambitious growth plans, we are now looking for established professionals to demonstrate its Kobold VK200, our Complete Homecare System designed for thorough cleaning of both carpeted and hard-floors.

• Turn your spare time into additional income
• Top selling product in Europe
• Over 125,000 customers in the UK
• Quality German engineering
• Fits around your existing schedule
• No hard sale – no start-up costs – full training
• Expanding in South West, South East and the Midlands
• Existing offices in London & the Midlands
• 1 sale per week could earn up to £1000/mth