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Vasco Cuisine

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Social Memorable Dining Experiences Melting POT

Make money selling dining events/ dining experiences on our online platform

MeltingPot is a fast growing revolutionary social dining experiences platform in UK and Ireland. With over 90 chefs signed up in just a month in Ireland we are growing rapidly.

MeltingPot is an online platform that allows chefs to host dining events and consumers to sign up for them. Our solution is popular with pubs, pop up restaurants, freelance chefs, tour operators, event organisers.

Agency Package
20% commission on events posted on MeltingPot
£15 commission per chef signed up
20% commission paid monthly, Exclusive Territory
Marketing  Support, Qualified leads, Agency agreement

Target Markets
Even Organisers, Dating Agencies,
Travel Operators, Pubs and Restaurants

Ideal Agent
We are looking for agents with experience in dating, hospitality, travel, events, pubs and restaurants and operating as affiliates.

Covering: Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, London and surroundings.