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Van Allen Foods

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Area – UK
10% Commission

Sales Agents Required
We are looking for Sales Agents with previous experience in food distribution.
Our target market is food wholesale because this offers larger volumes but we are open to sell smaller quantities too. We have previously sold to Schools indirectly through food distributors and in our experience this is a good area to target. Also Care homes could well be an option. We already supply one local authority, so approaching further authorities could be another great option to target. Other target markets include: Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Snack Bars, Cafes, Exhibitions and Authorities. We are an eco-friendly business and only use recyclable packaging, and tape, also we don’t use printed boxes in order to minimise our effect on the environment.

About Us
Van Allen Foods ltd is a mini pack biscuit packaging company based in Northamptonshire. Established in 1984, we are a family owned business that over the years has become a quality supplier of individually wrapped: Malted Milk, Digestive, Custard Cream, Bourbon and Morning Coffee and Cream Crackers. We are proud that our products are manufactured in the UK. We have a good reputation of offering a great service with a high quality product. We sell to wholesale companies and also sell direct to customers large and small.