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UMEC are specialists in Electric actuators and DC motors used for lifting, elevating loads, in multiple product areas and markets including Medical, Furniture, Farming, Home, and Industrial.


Rewards Package

  • 7% commission on all sales paid promptly.
  • UMEC will pass over all existing established customers to Agents and pay a 6% commission immediately from date of the first visit – this gives you income from Day One.
  • Head Office and factory visit to UMEC in France for any training if required.

Agent Profile
Experience and contacts in the following markets

  • CARE / MEDICAL (frames, beds, nursery beds, hoists)
  • FURNITURE (reclining chairs, office desks, kitchenware, workstations)
  • HOME (automated armchairs, home and stair lifts etc.)
  • GENERAL INDUSTRY (covers any motorised lifting equipment for any product)
  • FARMING (machinery, vehicles, farm equipment)
  • DOMESTIC (gates, garage doors, windows and shutters)

About The Company
UMEC are partnered with the leading Taiwanese company MOTECK for all European markets.
UMEC have a reputation for quality products, and excellent customer service.
Recognised as specialists in Linear actuator systems that turn Electrical DC power into motion.
Personalised, bespoke solutions given for all technical problems and enquiries.
Linear actuation is a proven more economical alternative compared to Hydraulic, Pneumatic systems.
Full on-going and technical support from the Senior Management team, including everything you need to finalise your customer presentations.
Excellent After Sales service.
Full product training given by UMEC if required(One day only needed).