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Toschi UK LTD

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Passion for Food?

Area – South West, South, South East, London, Wales, Scotland
10-12% Commission + Product training + Samples + Potential Incentives

Sales Agent Required
We are looking for people with a passion for quality food, a good understanding of their specific markets, possibly with a food background. There is no preference of age or gender just a good food background and probably one specific person on major retail. Target markets will incude:
• Farm shops
• Independents
• Retailers
• Deli’s
• Wine Stores
• Wholesalers
• Distributors and possibly Manufacturers
About us
Toschi Vignola have been making products for 72 years. We are family owned. Currently we sell globally through agents, here in the UK we have our own company and warehouse, this was formed last year. Our products include: Gelato Ingredients, Syrups, Sauces, Amarena Cherries, Liqueurs, Balsamic Vinegars, all under the Toschi brand. This is a great opportunity to join a well established company with growing success!

Contact Alan Shirley
T: 07817 885 892
E: alan.shirley@agentbase.com