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ToeToe Ltd

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TOETOE as the pioneer of toe separated socks, designs functional and innovative socks.

Sports, Outdoor and Fashion Shops, Yoga & Pilates Centres, Fitness Centres

We started toe separated socks in the UK, EU and USA first time in 1999, we offer the biggest variety within the toe socks world with six different ranges. We hold sufficient stock in the UK for instant delivery.

TOETOE Socks are proud to offer functional toe separation according to the demands of each activity.       19 years of research and development has enabled us to design innovative products with comfort, protection as well as enhancing the feet anatomically.

We would be delighted to work with Agents throughout the UK to offer our uniquely developed products. If you are well connected within the market categories of our ranges and excited to offer well-made products, please contact us. We offer 12% commission rate and provide free samples.