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The Clean Boot

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Can you help David Attenborough? 


The Clean Boot overshoe unlike the blue plastic overshoe that gets worn only once and then ends up in our oceans and our landfills.

The Clean Boot is the reusable alternative overshoe that can be hand or machine washed many times and used over and over again.

Being made of neoprene, Clean Boot overshoes are also recyclable unlike the blue plastic overshoes that get dumped!

We are looking for Agents throughout the UK and Ireland selling into

  • Builders/decorators merchants
  • DIY/Hardware/Ironmongery
  • Factories/engineering/manufacturing/industrial
  • Local government authorities etc.

What Are They

Lightweight slip on overshoes made from water resistant Neoprene

Recyclable, reusable, breathable

Unique patented sole gives extra grip for safety and traction

Comfortable with choice of sizes

Machine washable and durable