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What can you do with an App?

The mobile phone is ubiquitous! Just about everybody carries one. Whether for business productivity, sales, marketing or leisure, the app is a platform that is only beginning to realise its potential.

Successful app development can be very complicated, expensive and specialised. Templedynamic offers a new, much simpler approach to app development that will enable businesses to build practical effective apps.


  • Brochures and Catalogues
  • Ordering through the app
  • Pushing special offers
  • Getting feedback from customers


  • Business Process Management
  • Manuals, guides and documentation
  • Canvassing, Surveys and Quizzes
  • Data collection and Business Intelligence


  • Guides and brochures
  • Museums, attractions, local guides
  • Interactive maps
  • Sharing photos and comments


  • Event programme that can be updated
  • Feedback and input from attendees
  • Send attendees more information after the event

We are looking for Sales Agents who can help their customers realise the value and huge potential that app offer. Sales order values range from £5K for very simple projects to £100K and above for significant projects. We offer excellent earnings potential with residual income streams for larger projects.