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Sweden & Martina Ltd

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Cutting Edge Dental Care

Area – UK & Ireland
20% Commission (Average) + Marketing support + Training

Sales Agents Required
Sweden & Martina specialise in manufacturing and distributing Dental implants (this is our core business), other aspects include the provision of Dental-Capital Equipment, such as Intraoral Scanners, Lab Scanners, 3D Printers, Guided Surgery services and Orthodontic Aligners (to be launched in 2019). Due to our continued success, we are looking for professional Sales Agents. No previous sector experience is necessary and we will be paying a monthly retainer to support the agents.

About Us
Our quality of service has led us to being the largest Independent Implant Company in the World. Number one in Italy, Spain and fastest growing in the US, distributed in more 35 countries. We are a second-generation family owned Company with +45 years of history, +20 years of Scientific Evidence.
We have +600 employees performing +1,000 days of education per year. With +6 million implants sold and placed, we’re proud of our legacy. Why not come join us?

• 100% made in Italy
• 100% quality control
• Best value – price/quality ratio – in the industry
• Life Time Warranty
• Full digital workflow
• Competitive customized milling services
• Great opportunity for long-term income
• Agent will be supported by our field based Product Specialists

• 24 hours delivery
• Credit flexibility to customers
• Free finance opportunities for customers
• Ongoing Training
• Min admin tasks