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Strategic Web Success

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Help local businesses build a great reputation with SWS

Exclusive territories throughout the UK
Between 25-40% Commission + Marketing Materials + Training + Support


Sales Agents Required

We need experienced and enthusiastic sales agents, full time or part time, maturity a bonus, to sell an innovative service, collecting and promoting positive customer feedback. Our system has helped more than 100 businesses grow during the past 5 years.

Target markets

Hospitality – restaurants, hotels etc
• Medical/aesthetics- dentists, laser salons, osteopaths, veterinary etc
• Wedding industry- bridal shops, caterers, planners
• Trades- builders, plumbers, kitchen fitters etc
• Services- garages, landscaping, travel agents, coaching businesses etc
• Any business which is dependent on reputation for referrals to win new
customers and generating repeat sales.


Earnings potential
Agents can enjoy a passive income from commission on subscriptions and sales of
add-on services. The more you work your local business network, the more you
can earn- there is no upper limit!


Proven track record
SWS was established in 2013, using patented technology and a strong
experienced technical team to promote on-line reputations for our clients. With
92% of customers trusting a word of mouth recommendation, the system helps
businesses capture reviews easily, promotes feedback on-line, which then attracts
more customers. Our clients find they stand out from their competition, improve
brand perception and increase their profits as a result.