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Smile Jewellery Ltd

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92.5% Sterling Silver Jewellery

Area – UK
15% Commission + Training + Marketing Support


Sales Agents Required
We are currently looking for Sales Agents in
many areas to join our team.
Ideally you will be a well established sales agent
and already have a good database of customers
in the gift industry, however if you are new to
agenting do not let that put you off applying.
We sell mainly to independent gift shops
& jewellers and have a large range of silver
jewellery that is continually being updated,
keeping it fresh and perfectly priced for
everyday sales which in turn provides great sell
As we are a small friendly team, our customers
know we can provide them with a good
personal service and quick turnaround on order.

About us
We have been trading since 2001 and some of
our customers & sales agents have been with us
since the beginning!
Give us a call for a chat, we would love to hear
from you.