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Smart PA

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Virtual Assistant

Area – UK

10% Commission + Marketing Support

Sales Agents Required

We’re looking for Sales Agents with experience selling to execs (CEOs, COOs, MDs) of small businesses – (up to 100 employees).

Experience with estate agents and/or employment agents would be beneficial. Target markets include: Execs, MDs of companies with less than 50 employees (most success with financial services, management accountants, IT, trade and manufacturing), Estate Agents, Employment Agents. People that complain about not having enough time or too much to do.



Quality of service, exceptional attention to detail, customer-focused approach to service provision. Ability to integrate into a company and act as a member of the team even though based remotely. Provide part-time service but accessible full time.


About us

We have been established for 10 and since then have amassed 200 UK based resources.

Through providing high-quality of service and focussing on customer loyalty, our brand has become widely recognised and is now a trusted name in administration services. The resources we offer have high engagement and our commitment to the firm drive our growth and continues to increase long-term customer retention.


Keywords: PA, Secretarial, Administrative, Services, Remote, Support, Back Office, Operations.