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Research and Development Tax Specialist Sales Agents

Area – the UK  excluding the Republic of Ireland

20% Commission + Marketing Support + Training

Sales Agents Required

We are looking for Sales Agents preferably with experience in the financial sector (though this is not essential) experience in dealing with company FD/MD would also be advantageous.

Our target market are All Ltd companies who have at least 12 months of trading in sectors such as Software, Manufacturing, Engineering, Food Development, Aerospace and Scientific Research.

R&D tax relief is our sole focus. We specialize in this area of tax and our consultants have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of R&D tax legislation and how to effectively apply it to maximize business claims. As we are one of the largest R&D tax specialists in the UK, you can rest assured your claims are being handled by highly skilled and trained professional.

We have developed a unique and highly efficient method, which streamlines the process, ensuring that clients receive their maximized rebate while taking as little valuable time away from their businesses. Quality assurance and customer service are one of our key goals.

We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service to our clients and pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service to our clients and partners. We receive referrals from client and partners as we consistently deliver remarkable results, trusting us to deliver the same level of quality.

About us

Shencoh has been trading for nearly 3 years, within that time we have grown from 2 employees to a team of 35 full-time staff members, which includes 15 strong telesales and a back office of 20, which includes ex-employees of HMRC and chartered accountants.

Our average claim is around £42,000, which clients receive back within 4 to 6 weeks. Commission for our employees is averaging at around £1,800 per deal, which has potential to be built up to a 6 figure income if the hard work is there.

We work on a strict no win no fee basis and take on any financial risk, so the client doesn’t have to. With over 1500 active clients, around 200 new monthly deals and a unique and seamless process, spending no more than 3 hours of our clients time and maximizing every claim.