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Seymour Direct

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A more direct way for card payments

Area – UK

High Earning potential – (up to £90K/annum) + Training provided

Ideal Agent

Agents need to be able to sell to the following target markets using their existing contacts, however, this is not essential. Small independent businesses such as Restaurants (including Take-a-ways), Pubs, Cafe’s, Delicatessen, Hotels, B&B’s, Hair & Beauty Salons, Garage repairs, MOT Test Stations, Builders Merchants, Bakers, Butchers, Florists, Pet Shops, Clothing, Opticians etc.


  • Exceptionally low processing charges for business owners accepting cards as payment – much lower than going direct to the banks.
  • Card Payments received same day businesses, as opposed to the usual 3 days.

About us

Seymour Direct was formed 30yrs ago and has partnered with most of the UK banks to provide Low-Cost Merchant Services to small independent businesses. Seymour Direct has over the years been responsible for £Billions of transaction and are well respected in the industry. We not only have 1000’s of long-standing business customers but we also have agents that have been with us for well over 15yrs! We do not carpet bomb the country with agents.