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Ross’s of Edinburgh LTD

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Just Too Good To Resist

Area – UK & Ireland
Competitive Commission + Training + Marketing support

Sales Agents Required
Ross’s are looking for experienced confectionery agents with contacts in the following market sectors: CTN’S & Independents, Hotels – Cafes – Restaurants – Caterers – Snackbars, Visitor and Tourist Outlets, Garden Centres, Wholesale & Cash and Carry, Multiples – Supermarkets

Ross’s Of Edinburgh is an iconic brand with a unique range of confectionery that offers all retailers excellent profit margins coupled with long shelf life products that are still manufactured by hand in Scotland.
Working closely with the principles you will receive full support and product knowledge training, as the company drives forward into new sectors of the U.K and Ireland.

About us
Ross’s Of Edinburgh have been manufacturing high quality confectionery for over 130 years, and still use traditional and proven recipes respected within the confectionery industry.
Famous throughout their birthplace of Scotland the company is now embarking on an ambitious expansion plan to introduce their products into all parts of the UK and Ireland.
The comprehensive ranges of Rock-Fudge-After Dinner Mints-Tablet and Gift packs are ideal to meet all price points and give excellent profit margins.
New products are continually being researched and developed and new flavour combinations introduced ready for launch.