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Unique Import Agent Opportunity for F & B Market in the UK

Area – UK
Up to 12% Commission + Training + Marketing Support

Sales Agents Required
Agent will ideally have a wealth of experience in selling:
• Premium Food
• Wine, spirits, craft beers and beverage market
• To large scale accounts such as Supermarkets, stores, wholesalers, HORECA and Boutique Stores

About Us
Red Pepper Food Company is a newly formed company dedicated to providing the finest Italian ingredients to every UK dining
We are an exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom that specialises in Italian beer, tomatoes, wine, truffles, and canned delicacies.
The company distributes Italian premium products with exclusive rights.
As a start-up, this is a great opportunity for an experienced B2B connecter to join us in introducing these elite ingredients to the UK’s leading supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.