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The UK’s No. 1 value provider of online assessments and testing




Earn regular income for your sales skills and allow us to manage the customer service element while you can sell more!


For the first 100 sales agents we sign up, we will pay a whopping 20% of total paid revenues per month (one month in arrears for 2 years). After £750 of year to date revenue (that’s sales revenue not margin) we will pay an incredible 25% of commission on every £1 over £750. We won’t stop there: any sales agent who delivers over £5,000 of year to date revenue we will pay a ludicrous rate of 30% commission on incremental revenue!




We operate a business model which protects margins through world-class cost management system run by a dynamic, fun leadership team.

We have over 1,000 repeat customers and our sales are driven by glowing written references – we are the ultimate reference sales business.

We are approaching 10,000 followers on LinkedIn and have customers who regularly spend over £4,000 a year with us.

We can update and increase our product range and content at minimum time & cost.

These products are huge in the US and we are seeing exploding growth in the UK.

We have three major new products that will be launching in 2018, including recruitment, compliance and employee engagement.

We need your professional help to take this to your clients whether they are recruiting and/or engaging with their employees better.


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