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We are looking for sales agents in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland North and South.

8% to 12%

Our Target Market
We aim to sell Prototyping services to 3D printing (SLA, SLS Polyjet) vacuum casting, milling & plastic injection companies.

Plasti-tech provides a wide range of services to industries such as Telecommunications, Aeronautical and Automotive, basically any company making products is a potential Plasti-Tech customer.
Our success in France includes companies such as BIC, Stelia Aerospace, Airbus and many others which provides solid credibility for British companies wanting to use our services. We have also built a good reputation with start-up and incubator companies.

We are looking for established Agents currently selling to engineering departments and who posses a good knowledge and understanding of the engineering and plastic milling industries.

About Us
Plastic-tech is a prototyping and injection moulding company
successfully serving companies across Northern Europe.
We were founded in France where we quickly established our company as a leading light within the prototyping business sector. We now have a team of very experienced people including a 20 skilled production operatives, plus project managers and sales engineers ready to help provide the best solution to your customers.
We are an accredited ISO 9001 and 9100 company which is very helpful when working with technical based companies.

What we offer
A generous commission rate of between 8% to 12% with a potential of earning £42k in the 􀃶rst year.
Marketing support including trade shows. Full technical support including digital support via our website interface.