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Personal Projector

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Target Market
Trainers, Sales Teams, Exhibitors, and Artists. Public Sector (eg Education, LA’s, MOD, Health), Camping & Caravanning, Large corporates to SMEs, Museums, Art Galleries & anywhere that would benefit from a portable visual display system

The Ideal Agent

  • Enthusiasm for technology.
  • Direct Connections / Influence in one or more
    of the target sectors.
  • Understanding of how beneficial portable
    projectors can be in your sector.
  • UK, Ireland and Global Markets

What we need to sell
Pico Genie Polar
Pico Genie Periscope
Pico Genie M550 Plus
Fuji High end projectors up to £750

Personal Projector Ltd are looking for a sales agent to promote its range of projectors including Pico Genie, a British brand of unique ultra portable mini projectors amongst other AV brands. Established in 2008, we are looking to grow by directly selling or renting projectors into key broad sectors and various niche areas.