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Perfect Pillow Ltd / Razzmatazz

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Organic buckwheat hull pillows

10% Commission

We are a family owned manufacturing business producing a range of ethical, bio-degradable British made products including:

Organic Buckwheat Husk Pillows, Organic Mattresses, Meditation Zafu Zen Cushions, Buddhist Yoga Mat and much more.

We require agents nationwide, calling on Hotels, Bed Shops, Ethnic shops & Department Stores etc.


10% Commission on Pillows, 10% Commission on Bulk Insense Bath Bombs, Pot Pourri & full fragrance range including funky Soaps, Health Bracelets, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, The Hot Belt, The Soothersack, Natural Warmth Gilet, Aromatherapy Oil, Blends with full sales support.