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New Guard Coatings Ltd

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Industrial / Maintenance Coatings

Area – All UK

10% Commission + Marketing support + Product training will be provided both by NGC and the manufacturers themselves

Sales Agents

We are looking for Sales Agents already in these markets but selling non-paint/ technical products. In these industries we believe it is really important to build relationships, therefore having existing relationships would be ideal but not compulsory. Our target markets include: contractors – industrial, flooring, roofing, cladding, Facilities management teams for factory maintenance.

About us

The New Guard Coatings Group has been established for 41 years and is a family owned/ run group of companies specialising in the distribution of protective coatings (paint) and allied products and services. We have 7 UK and overseas hubs and distribute high performance industrial protective coatings. Our premium products serve the construction, maintenance and facilities management sectors. Our core brand is Rust-Oleum, but we have several other brands which also fit in these markets.

Core brands

  • Rust-Oleum
  • Flexcrete
  • Sika
  • TOR Coatings
  • Zinsser

In first instance please email details on territory and current agencies including a CV to Jeff