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Nationwide Hire

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Quality Hire Services

Area – We’re not restricted by geography; we cover nationwide including Ireland, Northern Ireland and Europe.

10% Commission + Marketing support + Training

Sale Agents Required
We are a Managed Hire Provider for the following Services: Waste Disposal, Powered
Access, Tool Hire, Plant Hire, Temporary Accommodation & Special Services based on
exceptional Service Performance and excellent Customer Satisfaction.
The required agent will have a network of contacts with Operations Directors or Managers
and Procurement in one or more of the Nuclear Industry, Rail (especially HS2), Utilities and
Emergency services. This may require contacts with the relevant organisations providing
the services to these sectors to which hire services may relate.
Target markets include: Nuclear Industries, Rail, HS2 – Major Contractors and SMEs,
Utilities, MOD establishments and Critical Services.


• We provide an excellent and reliable service that has not been marketed before.
• Exceptional Customer Satisfaction rated as “World Class” with a Net Promoter Score of
75 (audited and verified).
• 98% on time delivery and 99.9% ability to deliver as requested.
We offer:
• Managed Hire Service Solutions with full transparency and reporting
• Critical Service hire solutions for Nuclear, Rail, Utilities, Care and Emergency Services
• Tier 2 Hire Services for Tier 1 services failures


About Us
Our difference is our knowledge, people, processes and systems that focus on premium
service delivery. Always able to respond, the tougher the challenge the better, managing
what the customer wants such as managed and guaranteed off-hire, able to respond
effectively in an emergency, lots of back-up and clear invoicing (a challenge in the hire
Nationwide Hire keeps businesses moving by taking responsibility for solving (and avoiding)
plant, equipment and services problems.