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Moorlam & Nicol Ltd

Area – London (Sales agents B2B required)

High rates of commission from 10 to 20%

Sales Agents Required

Moorlam & Nicol Ltd represent several Portuguese and Italian manufacturers and have offices in the UK, Portugal and in Italy. Our bespoke fine crafted furniture is aimed at the high end market of architects and interior designers for the use of hotels and restaurants, so we are now looking for Sales Agents with experience and contacts in this area to sell our premium quality fixtures, fittings and furniture.

About  Us

Firstly our specialised team realize the projects in 2D and 3D, we then produce prototypes and go onto manufacture the high quality fixtures, fittings and furniture. After a delivery date has been established our specialised team of fitters provide full installation. So our high level of service is maintained from start to finish.


Our craftsmanship and innovation speaks for itself and as a testament has led to many global projects. We are very popular in the French market and due to our growth and success are now looking to develop for the UK market. Are you ready for a great opportunity?