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MD Sales/Doccia UK

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Area – Scotland, Midlands, and the South East

Good Commission + Excellent marketing material

Sales Agents Required

Doccia manufacture and supply affordable luxury Stone Shower Trays and Shower Enclosures. We are now looking for experienced Sales Agents who are well connected on the market. This is a highly rewarding long term opportunity!

Our main target markets are:

  • Bathroom stores
  • Bathroom showrooms 
  • Plumbers merchants

Our key selling points include:

  • High-quality desirable products
  • Market leading designs and finishes
  • Bespoke options available

About Us

Doccia UK is part of the Doccia Group, Spains leading manufacturer of Stone Shower Trays and Shower Enclosures. Significant investment has been made in the UK where we have a UK sales office and warehouse.