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Technology Sourcing

Area – UK

25% Commission + Marketing Support + Training


Sales Agents Required

We’re looking for Sales Agents with experience speaking to IT managers, Call Centre Managers, IT procurement staff, Business Managers and/or CTOs

Relationships with call centres, data centres, MSPs, companies with offices in multiple locations would be highly beneficial.


  • Access to 130 global IT suppliers (cloud, servers, connectivity, data centre, hardware).
  • Advisory service for our clients at no cost to them.
  • We act as our client’s advisor to ensure they get the best possible deals on an ongoing basis.

About us

We have been delivering IT & network infrastructures, cloud services, voice and communications solutions for over 2 decades.

Our mission is to help organisations and source and shortlist business technology suppliers as efficiently as possible. We listen, then design the best solution. We assess, then update for client success. Nurturing the best technology partnership always with the client in mind.

We work with the client to understand their technology requirements and align their needs to the capabilities of overt 130 ICT suppliers. We manage the quote requests and deliver a shortlist of highly matched suppliers.