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Lean Greens Ltd

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A Healthy Boost to Sales
Area – UK
10% commission + Repeat business + £2,400 Proven income per outlet + Product Training + Support

Sales Agents Required
Lean Greens is a range of High Quality Food Supplements, currently sold exclusively online.
We are looking for someone with pre existing relationships in our target areas. Our range
sells well to successful women and professional families in affluent areas. We would like to
sell to independent stores in these areas – eg health food stores, beauty salons, gyms etc

Our signature product is a Super Greens Powder, unique in the market for it’s neutral flavour
making it’s easy to take alone or in smoothies. Perfect for topping up your 5 a day.
Other products include Omega 3 Fish Oils, Magnesium Citrate, Organic Turmeric and an
Acidophillus Probiotic.
All our products are high potency for maximum benefits, and are marketed as a premium
product and priced accordingly.
45% of customers buy again, with an average lifetime customer value of over £200
We do not sell to distributers, or multiples, therefore this is a great product range for
independent retailers who can be confident they won’t be undercut online.

About Us
Lean Greens Ltd has been trading for 6 years with steady growth. We have had media
coverage and over 160 five star reviews on Amazon.