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Lauren Rooney Ltd

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Do you have customers who should be using social media to promote their business?

Earn a minimum of £500 commission from selling this brilliant service

Lauren Rooney is a recognised expert in social media. Lauren and her team help companies raise brand awareness, build a following and generate sales leads using social media.

Lauren and the team provide the following service for clients:

Preparation of a social media strategy

Daily posting on all appropriate social media platforms.

Building a following and audience for the brand.

Content creation (no need for clients to do this).

Weekly video call and performance report.

The clients get the following benefits from the service:

  • An expert managing your social media on your behalf.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • New business enquiries/sales from LinkedIN etc.
  • Weekly call with Lauren to review campaign and report.
  • Monthly fee of only £799 per month.

Businesses can benefit from social media however we find the following businesses are most interested:

  • SME’s who are looking for new customers and don’t have an internal marketing resource.
  • Recognise they need to be promoting their business on social media
  • Can afford a £799 per month fee.

Target Areas
North of England, North Wales and the Midlands.

Agents reward

  • 10% commission on new orders and renewals
  • Prompt payment
  • Allocated areas
  • 1/2 day training with expenses paid
  • Regular marketing campaigns with leads passed to agents