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Lark Lane Botanicals

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Natural Skincare

Area – ALL UK and Ireland

15% Commission on introduction order, (10% on orders thereafter) + Marketing support

Sales Agents Required

Due to our massive success we are expanding our natural skincare and treatment ranges for men and women into Hair Salons, Spa’s, Beauticians, Nail Bars and Barber shops.

We are offering exclusive sales territories, plus options for clients to have their own branding.

Our service is new for salons and spas who wish to expand their natural skincare treatment options. We include hand and feet salt scrubs, seaweed masks, coffee scrubs, beard oils and intensive superseed oils treatments.

With over 30 treatments and pampering products available plus natural skincare with aromatherapy, we are confident that we have the winning formula for a bright future.


  • All products are created by us
  • We use only premium natural ingredients
  • Offering POS support
  • Flexible options with small order sizes available