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Juzo UK Ltd

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Market Leading Supports and Orthoses

Global Brand • Award Winning Products • Huge Potential Markets • 20% Commission • New in the UK

About us
We Are Juzo – A global family owned business formed in 1912 with a turnover in excess of €100m and multiple award winning products.
All of our brands have unrivalled USPs in their sector or are unique, with many being Red Dot design award winners.

Target Markets
• Shoe retailers
• Specialist Shoe retailers
• Physiotherapists – in all sectors
• Rehab shops
• Podiatry – in all sectors
• Sports Clubs
• Sports Associations
• Chemists/Pharmacy/Pharmacy Chains
• Occupational Therapists in all sectors
• Diabetes

Agents package
• 20% Commission rate paid monthly
• Exclusive Territories
• Market Support
• Best in Class Training
• Stationery
• No Stock to hold
• All samples given
• Samples for personal use

Agents required across all areas of the UK.
Agents currently calling in these sectors or highly motivated agents looking to expand into other markets.