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J&E Importers & Distributors Green Jem Mfg. Associates Co. Ltd

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If you sell to Garden Centres, Departmental Stores, Pet Stores or Furniture Outlets, this is for you… 

About Us

J&E Importers & Distributors Green Jem Mfg. Associates Co., Ltd is a 30 year respected & well established successful company involved in the design, manufacture, importation and distribution of many exciting lines in gardening, wild bird, pet & furniture, looking to widen our customer base.

Our brands include Green Jem, Easykut & The Pet Store. The products are well received in the market with good quality and competitive pricing. Our ranges include garden & DIY tools, garden sundries & ornaments, homewares, wild bird feeders, pet care & toys.

Target Markets

we are looking to garget Garden Centres, Pet Stores, Departmental Stores and Furniture Outlets.

Target Areas

North East, North West, South East, South West & Midlands

Agents Package

  • 10% Commission, issued monthly on all paid deliveries
  • E catalogue can be emailed from head office or by yourself direct to customers
  • Full support
  • Agency agreement provided
  • Product training on site at head office