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Sales Agents needed
across the UK

Latest opportunity is for:
• High Net Worth individuals or Sophisticated Investors
• Big ticket item: Big ticket commissions

Great returns for investors: 12% per annum
• Minimum earnings: £5,000 per client

INOH: Helping people take charge of their own finances
offering Independent Financial Information
Do you deal with High Net Worth individuals?
Do you have contacts in the world of Sophisticated Investors?
Then we have a great opportunity for you.
This is a ground level / entry level opportunity to be part of
something new and exciting.
You can introduce your clients to this ‘bond’ and offer them a great
annual return of 12% p.a.
You will be paid a 5% introductory consulting fee for the
introduction of clients (paid upon sign up).
So what is this great opportunity?
• 3 Year FX Bond-style investment opportunity
• 12% per annum coupon
• 3 year term
• Minimum investment £50k

Bond Highlights
Asset Backed High Yield Bond – 12% P.A.
A Fully Asset Backed Investment Into A UK Public Mining Bond Paying 12% Per
Annum Available For ISA Investment
£25m Secured Bond
The Bond is raising £25,000,000 for investment into to a UK Public Mining
Company to access £750,000,000 worth of gold, silver and other minerals.
• The bond issued is part of a £200m Secured Medium Term Note Programme
listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
• Investment mandate is to access over £750m of gold, silver and other
minerals in the mine.
• Security – Secured against the operational assets and minerals.
• ‘A’ Rated with a long-term stable outlook.
• Fixed Interest – 12% Fixed Return per annum.
• Liquidity – convertible into cash via secondary market supported
by institutional investors.
• ISA & SIPP Eligible – You can also invest in the bond using
your Independent Savings Account (ISA) or using your
pension through a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
subject to meeting the conditions for investment.
• Income – Bi-annual payments made.
• Listed – listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

INOH Limited is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). INOH Limited does not provide any financial or investment advice.
Information is provided as a guide only, is subject to change without prior notice and doesn’t constitute an offer of investment.