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Innotec Hygiene Solutions

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Area – North West, North East, and W. Midlands

20% Commission + Marketing Support + Product Training + Free Demonstrator Equipment

The Opportunity

This is a fantastic opportunity for agents currently selling into the food preparation & food production industry to offer an innovative decontamination system with a huge potential for growth. You will be taking to market absolute innovation that is hugely successful in the European markets and is now being introduced into the UK.

Target Market

Food preparation industry with specific regard to food contamination control and food area hygiene & disinfection. Also encompassing asociated areas of packinging, storage and transportation including diverse markets such as hatcheries and broiler sheds.


About Us

Formed in 2012 as UK Distributor partner for Oxy’Pharm airborne decontamination systems. We intially focused on the Healthcare market selling successfully into highly competitive environment with limited field sales resources. Innotec is now ready to expand into the UK food industry with a product already proven within the European market.


System USP’s

  • Innovative, portable automated devise for total room decontamination of plant and premises
  • Top line efficacy in the termination of all microorganisms
  • Dry gas diffusion of hydrogen peroxide. Safe to use around all machinery and equipment
  • Simplistic functionality, operated by remote control.
  • Noncorrosive, no residue, no post treatment rinsing.
  • Alternative to current disinfectants such as quaternary ammonium compounds under threat from EU regulation
  • Compliant with European regulations  no silver stabilizer
  • Treats target areas from 10-20,000 m3

Keywords: Food Hygiene, Food area Decontamination, Dry Gas Diffusion, single process food area decontamination, Non Corrosive disinfection, Food Area Disinfection, Impressive log reduction, Elimination of pathogens, Total area decontamination, automated decontamination, Bespoke food production decontamination, alternative to Quaternary ammonium, CIP Food area decontamination, Disinfect food areas up to 20,000m3, Fast, effective food area decontamination