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Horizon (Gu’An) Energy technology Co.,Ltd

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Great Opportunity
Area – All UK, The Republic of Ireland
Very Good Commission + Marketing support + Training
Sales Agent Particulars
We’re looking for creditworthy Sales Agents preferably with experience and contacts in large metal component manufacturing. Eg. Aluminium alloy spinning products: gas cylinders, liners, pipes, tubing. Our target markets are: Spinning OEM, cylinder manufactures, liner manufactures, truck & trailer equipment, automotive CNG modification, CNG storage and transportation, tanks, pressure vessel, tower & column manufactures.
1. Spinning technology and application are at the beginning of high speed development stage, it is non-competing product, and our company is at leading level in this industry.
2. We have the lowest price raw materials than all other enterprises from two largest Chinese Aluminium Group.
3. Also we have the widest product range of diameter and best R & D capability of special-shape products.
4. We can independently developed CNC spinning equipment, spinning process is mature, low rate of waste; high technical standards of products.
About us
We have been established since 2012 and our annual turnover is 15 million USD. With a work force of 50 employees and three branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Chad, Hong Kong and China, we are ready to further our expansion plans with the right people