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Guardian Building Products Ltd

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Guardian Building Products

Sales Agent Required
Guardian Building Products Ltd. wishes to appoint Sales Agents to defined territories covering the whole of the UK to sell a range of landscaping products (see attached brochure) into defined market sectors.

A commission rate of 12% of nett invoiced sales will be paid and in addition a lump sum of £50 will be paid for each and every new account opened, subject to a minimum initial order of £1,000 (excluding VAT).

“Rubberlok” – A reconstituted rubber product designed specifically as a safety surface.

Composite Decking – an alternative to traditional timber decking, the planks are manufactured from bamboo wood.

Safety Grass Mats – Durable, non slip, impact absorbing matting for heavily trafficked and hazardous areas.

Utility Mats – a heavy duty 600 x 600 x 8mm thick, non slip floor protection mat for a wide range of application.

Specific markets to be targeted:
• Garden Centres
• Children’s Play Area Installers
• Nursery & Primary Schools
• Landscaping Contractors

If you are operating within some, or all of the markets specified and believe that our products would be an attractive addition to your current product portfolio, please contact us.