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German – British Chamber Of Industry & Commerce

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As part of our on-going  Market Entry services, the German – British Chamber Of Industry & Commerce is currently supporting the following German companies in their search for business partners in the UK:

Pure Precision

Manufacturing highest quality aluminium ready-to-fit precision components and heat sinks for over thirty years, this German company specialises in the machining of customised high capacity extruded sections. The company is looking for a UK sales representative for the expansion of the sales and export activities. DP-0222012

Publisher Steeped in Tradition

A powerful force in the world of professional communication for many years, specialising in the fields of the retail and wholesale trade, the metalworking industry and the textile industry is looking for a UK agent to represent all its titles, DP-0422112

Heat Recovery – A Global Player

This German company is looking for an agent for its heat exchangers, finned tubes and boiler cleaning systems with boilermakers and EPC in UK alongside its present clients. A strong brand name, a reliable reputation and Made in Germany products ensure competitiveness, DP-0622212

Display & Packaging Expert

A leader in the area of promotional presentations for sophisticated brand – name products, attention-grabbing POS displays, packaging and boxes and high – grade display cases for many industries is looking for a UK agent. The company focuses on creating tailor-made product presentations which have a positive impact on sales and stimulate demand among customers, DP-1222309


Superior Fabrics For Over 350 Years

As one of the last mills in Europe with a fully integrated production process – spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing- we have very fast and flexible production schedules. Offering a wide product range of carded or worsted yarn, our products are used for clothing, uniforms, corporate wear or special products such as interior or technical fabrics. We are looking for an agent in these industries, DP-1222412

Your Component Partner for Energy Technology

A family- managed electrical engineering company, established in 1959 and based near Frankfurt looks for UK agents to broaden its network. Our product portfolio includes: voltage regulators and mesh, current controllers; automation for hydroelectric power plants; transformers to customer specification. Additionally, we also have substantial experience with frequency converters for power feedback in hydroelectric power plants, DP-0222512

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