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Fusion Experience LTD

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Compliance Business Opportunity

Area – UK
Good Commission + Training + Marketing Support

Recent GDPR Legislation stated an organisation may need a Data Protection Officer
(DPO) yet appointing one can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise.
Not only do we provide the DPO for a cost well below a part-time consultant or
employee, we can deliver the service with the benefits of speed responsiveness and
confidence – immediately.
The Opportunity
Are you working with micro and SME businesses that handle personal data? With
typical services between £500 to £5000 per annum, there is up to 7.5% on revenue
commission and long-term relationships available. There is flexibility for individual
sales packages if you wanted to specialise.
To keep it simple introduce us to your prospect and we will do the rest! No need to
become an expert in the subject so you can start-up quickly with us.

• Instant ‘on service’.
• Highly cost competitive.
• Kept simple.
• Track record and experience over 10 years.
• Takes away the problem.
• Keeps compliance up to date, no need to become an expert in it.
• Keeps the records.
• Investigated assistance.

About Us
FusionComply is a new division bringing together the previous customer projects
and work of FusionExperience Limited, an award-winning company founded in 2007.
FusionComply is focussed entirely on compliance and governance adding new
methods and software to the mix drawing on twenty years’ experience in the subject
of compliance.
Sound interesting, please call us to find out more about digital compliance platform.