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About the Company
Established in 1969 the company started to supply several business sectors and products including, domestic appliances, ironware and tableware

Since the early beginning, High Pressure Die Casting processes were installed using Aluminium alloys

During the 80 ’ the relationship with the Automotive Industry became stronger, in particular with our first Customer Volvo Since then our relationship with the Automobile industry and other industries has grown substantially

Target Markets
Automotive industry, electronics, fluid control valves and railway transportation

We are open to supplying other industries with demanding HPDC requirements

Ideal Agent
The ideal agent would be a proactive type that approaches potential clients in order to gather new business for FUNDÍNIO, i e, new RFQs for HPDC parts and, in case of award, supporting us during and after the launch of a project

Target Area
All the UK

Agents Package

  • Commission up to 5
  • FUNDÍNIO will provide full
  • Sales presentation packs and support is available
  • Leads passed to agents
  • Marketing support planned
  • Huge sales growth potential