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Fish Disease Dolau LTD

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A Unique Opportunity

Within the growing Aquatics market to sell a groundbreaking scientifically proven product with huge potential

Areas available Scotland & Ireland North & South

Target Market
Aquatic retailers, pet shops, garden centres, and tropical fish specialists.

About us
Following 4 years of groundbreaking research a totally original and effective probiotic fish food has been developed to stimulate the immune system of fish. The product has been trademarked to minimize imitation.

In Addition with the involvement of 40 fish pathologists from 14 countries the company can offer a truly unique package to assist aquarium retailers with the single largest problem they face: fish mortality and the resulting loss of business

Agents Package
• 12.5% new business commission and 10% commission for repeat business
• Training and Technical support provided
• Protected Exclusive territories
• Exclusive free online access for customers to unique fish disease diagnostic tool
• Marketing support via point of sales material, literature, in store video and attendance at key trade shows
• Opportunities will be created to sell NEW products as they are developed
• Exceptional packaging
• Full profit margin for retailers, by careful selection of vendors