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Finalgo Global Services Ltd

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Commission 20% + Training + Marketing material

Area – The United Kingdom
The algorithm will be sold as a
code with specific instructions
for installation and use. Online
Installation support will also be
provided. Hence it can be sold
to any region.

Sales Agent Spec
Aggressive Sales Agents sought who can pursue the target markets and generate
leads with real clients – both private and institutional. Our product is a complex
and sophisticated algorithm created to analyse financial market information for
selected instruments with the aim of predicting future market turning points with a
high level of accuracy.

The algorithm is targeted at traders and investors in financial markets at both
private and institutional level. This includes Forex Traders, Brokerage Houses,
Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, Banks, Investors, Investment Managers as well as
everyday stock market participators and traders.

About us
Finalgo Global Services Ltd is a brand new company with a passion for
developing modern technologies for Financial Markets and bringing it to the
doorstep of everyday investors and players. Company formed by a young and
ambitious entrepreneur with 9 years’ experience in Financial Services. This is
our niche product. Future products will include Neural Network algorithms and
algorithms for mobile apps.

Keywords: Finance, Algorithm, Banking, Prediction, ARIMA, Trading, Forex, Stock Market, Simulation, Finalgo, Investing, Shares, Financial Markets, Technology, Algo.