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FeelGood Experience/ Flok

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Super Powerful Rewards App!


It’s a really neat, modern and cost-effective way for small and medium businesses to market themselves and bring customers ‘floking’ to their door!


Flok is a powerful loyalty app which connects local businesses with their customers, creating repeat business. It enables the business to attract new customers with engaging mobile notifications and promotes repeat custom.


Typical businesses which will benefit from signing up to the flok app include:

Food & Drink, Pubs & Clubs, Hair & Beauty, Leisure, Sports, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, Retail of all kinds.

Agent package:

25% sign up commission

25% recurring commissions on annual renewal

Plus bonuses – OTE £50k+

Full ongoing support

Agent agreement

The business signs up for a flok account for just £75/month to create an exclusive ‘club’ with special offers.

Customers download the free app, available for all Apple and Android devices.

Customer joins the exclusive online ‘club’.

Each time the customer visits a business their customer loyalty card is stamped via their phone and builds credits towards a special offer (like a coffee loyalty card, but better because you can’t lose it).

Businesses can push special promotions directly to their customers’ mobile phones.

Businesses can reach out to their customers automatically if they are in the vicinity – ‘pop in for a free coffee!’

About us

Flok is well established in North America, where it has millions of users. It’s been around for 6 years, and is used by brands like Banana Republic. It was recently acquired by Wix.com. It is now the fastest growing provider of mobile-based loyalty and rewards programs in the world.

Flok is now coming to the UK, and this is a unique ground floor opportunity to get involved. Agents are required in all areas.


Do your customers want more customers? Of course they do. Do you want to make more money? Of course you do. It’s simple, just like our app.


Keywords: loyalty program, £50,000 per annum, untapped market, full ongoing support, exclusivity, cost effective, restaurants, hospitality, beauty, hair, golf clubs, sports clubs, entertainment, technology, mobile based platform.