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FeelGood Experience /Flok

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Super Powerful Mobile Marketing Platform

flok is a powerful mobile marketiing platform enabling businesses to directly
market and personally communicate to customers creating repeat business.
• 25% sign up commission
increasing to 33%
• 25% recurring commissions
on annual renewal
• Plus bonuses – OTE £50k+
• Full ongoing support
• Agent agreement

Agent Package
• Merchant signs up for a flok account and creates a branded ‘club’ which
links to website and social media outlets
• Customer downloads free app, available for all Apple and Android devices.
• Customer joins merchant’s ‘club’
• Every time the customer shops at the merchant he stamps his electronic
loyalty card via his phone and builds credits towards a special offer
• Merchant can push special promotions directly to his customers’ phones
• Merchant can reach out to his customer automatically if he is in the
vicinity – ‘pop in for a free coffee!’
It’s Simple

flok is well established in north America, where it has over
100,000 clients and millions of users. With £25 million invested
in its development it was recently acquired by Wix.com. It is
now the fastest growing provider of mobile-based loyalty and
rewards programs in the world.
Take this opportunity to introduce your contacts to the latest
marketing technology to increase the number customers
flocking through their doors

Find out more
Developed in the US and owned by wix.com, flok is
now coming to the UK, and this is your opportunity
to get involved in a technologically advanced
marketing platform.

flok gives merchants the opportunity to market themselves and boosts
repeat business for only £899 plus VAT a year with no additional costs.
flok enables merchants to directly message and email customers as well
as send them automatic notifications when they are in the vicinity of
their business.
The business creates its own branded club on the technologically
advanced flok platform and builds their private customer database by
inviting customers to download the flok app and join their club.
flok’s digital loyalty card encourages customers to continue visiting the
business and the mobile platform offers detailed analytics recording
customer visits and spending.

Typical businesses which would
benefit from a loyal customer base
by using flok include:
• Food and drink
• Pubs and clubs
• Hair & beauty
• Leisure, sports, health & fitness
• Entertainment
• Retail