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FeelGood Experience / Flok

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Mobile Marketing at your Fingertips

flok is a powerful mobile platform allowing SMB’s to organically grow customer acquisition, retention and engagement whenever they want – wherever they are.

Successfully developed in the USA and owned by wix.com flok is being introduced to UK & European audiences by FGE, Official Sales Partner.

Areas – All UK + Ireland + Europe

As official flok sales partner, FGE offers a truly unrivaled, unlimited flok package including dedicated expert support for just £75/month (invoiced annually).

flok enables merchants to directly message and email customers as well as send them automatic notifications when they are in the vicinity of their business.

The business creates its own branded club on the technologically advanced flok platform and builds their private customer database by inviting customers to download the flok app and join their club.

flok’s digital loyalty card encourages customers to continue visiting the business and the mobile platform offers detailed analytics recording customer visits and spending.

It’s Simple

  • Merchants sign up for a flok account and create a branded ‘club’ which links to website and social media outlets
  • Customer downloads free app, available for all Apple and Android devices.
  • Customer joins merchant’s ‘club’
  • Every time the customer shops at the merchants he stamps his electronic loyalty card via his phone and builds credits towards a special offer
  • Merchant can push special promotions directly to his customers’ phones
  • Merchant  can reach out to his customer automatically if he is in the vicinity – ‘pop in for free coffee!’

What flok does for Business

More visits: incremental uptake in customer visits and purchases

Higher Customer spends: influence customers to spend more

More referrals: leverage client base to generate organic referrals

Higher yield: boost time, staff and inventory efficiency

Stronger reputation: take control over public ratings & reviews

Less work: enjoy time saving marketing & communications automation

Less cost: save money by displacing ongoing marketing costs


Typical businesses which would benefit from a loyal customer base by using flok include:

  • Food & Drink
  • Pubs & Clubs
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Leisure, sports, health & fitness
  • Entertainment
  • Retail

Agent Package

  • 25% sign up commission increasing to 33%
  • 25% recurring commissions on annual renewal
  • Plus bonuses – OTE £50k+
  • Full ongoing support
  • Agent agreement