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Eximex UK Ltd

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Is YOUR Customer Base;

Garden Centres, DIY Merchants, Catering Suppliers, Janitorial Suppliers, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs and Clubs, Cleaning Suppliers, Wholesalers, Supermarkets, Local Authorities, Business Suppliers, Nursing Homes, Hospitals etc.

Average Possible EARNINGS at £300 Per Day

This is achieved by our 5% Trade discount.. Plus All Repeat Business allocated to AGENT

Your retails Outler will get approximately 42% POR. Yet still competitive!

Guaranteed – Best Heavy Duty Bad on the UK Market


What We Need From Agents

Having had our best year to date selling our Hero Brand Products, we are looking for those who have the potential to sell to LOCAL and NATIONAL accounts.

We’ve uploaded several YouTuve videos demonstrating the quality of our bags. So we have presentations available to send to any buyer. We have leaflets and Price Lists and our National Account Manager has 20 years experience in selling Plastic Bags. So a wealth of knowledge to help and aid agents to sell.

We’re in this for the long haul and want business to repeat for decades to come.

If you are serious, competent, capable and persistent we want to hear from you.

Our manufacturing plant already supply to all the top 5 supermarkets in the UK, we have a track record of Good Quality so the products are 1st Class. Let’s conquer the UK together.

For those AGENTS who buy to resell, we can offer special deals on ProForma purchases.For AGENTS who service regular accounts we can discuss setting up trading accounts with National Companies.