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Evidence Based Education/INJ Associates Ltd

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Acclaimed Assessment Training Programme to Help Schools Improve Outcomes for their Pupils

Evidence Based Education is leading the way in improving teacher professional development. We create world-class, responsible and high-impact CPD
programmes for teachers and school leaders. Our twin aims are to improve the quality of teaching in education, and subsequently to improve pupil outcomes.

Our Assessment Lead Programme has seen incredibly positive feedback so far, and we’re looking to reach the next level. We’re looking for agents UK-wide to sell the
Assessment Lead Programme to schools, academies and FE colleges.

• Innovative, affordable and highly-rated professional development programme, which:
• Reduces teacher workload
• Builds in-house expertise
• Is flexible – no cover or travel costs
• Saves £1,000s in ongoing CPD
• Helps improve pupil learning
• Sell to: schools, groups, academics, MATs, FE colleges
• Detailed product training, support and case studies provided
• High rates of commission – c. 20%

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