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European Vape

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The vaping sector is forecast to grow to a £4bn plus industry in the UK by 2021

EVD is a distribution business and we have the sole UK and Irish rights for JWELL France. Under the umbrella of JWELL there are 3 brands we will be focusing on JWELL, KROME, NOA also building a range of liquids and CBD products.

Our target audience is Vape shops – Convenience stores – Supermarkets

All the products are French designed and JWELL is the NO.1 in Europe and has over 350 shops Worldwide.

JWELL Range consists of everything from small pod device – to large 200w devices (Vape Shops)

KROME – Range consists of RDA and RTA tanks also mods and Squonk box (Vape Shops)

NOA – Range consists of 4 products from a disposable device and small pod devices this is a mass market product (Vape shops – Convenience stores – Supermarkets)

We can be very flexible with regards to white labelling on MOQ and offer 10% Commission

  • High end premium brand
  • Over €40m sales world wide
  • Competitively Priced both at wholesale and retail.
  • Excellent support and life time warranty on a section of brands