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Di Blasi

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We are looking for sales agents to cover the UK and Northern Ireland to sell mainly into mobility scooter and orthopaedic sector

Agent Package and Support
• 15% commission on payments received
• Exclusive territory
• Samples for demonstrations
• Product training
• Agency Agreement
• Marketing leads passed to agent

We produce a range of vehicles designed for people with minor mobility problems.  Our vehicles are manufactured in Italy and supplied with a warranty and prompt after-sales service.

The R30 Model
Our automatically folding mobility scooter (model. R30) can be folded or unfolded by just pressing a button [LINK R30]. When folded, it can be easily stored in the boot of the car, in the train or in a plane; it can be pulled along like a small suitcase and is approved for flight transportation. When unfolded it is a comfortable and easy to drive. Its big wheels allow to drive also on unpaved roads. It is very practical with a turning circle of only 28”. A full range of accessories is also available.

The Model 32
Our folding pedal tricycle (model. R32) is designed for people that, despite having minor mobility problems or difficulty riding a bicycle, do not want to give up to the freedom of pedalling for themselves. Comfortable, practical, easy to fold [LINK R32], the trike DI BLASI is also available with electrical assistance (model. R34), perfect for those who want to pedal without effort or for longer trips.

Since 1974 DI BLASI is the Italian specialist in two and three wheels folding vehicles