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Designer surfaces product ltd/TA panelstone uk

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Selling in Style

Area – Entire UK

(We would like to especially target key areas such as London, Manchester or Birmingham to start)

10% Commission + Marketing support + Training

Sales Agents Required

Panel Stone UK are looking for Sales Agents with an existing portfolio of Bath products. Hopefully without competition with our products. Target markets include: Bath Retailers, Interior Designs, Architects & Constructors, Hotel owners (large and small). We provide shower trays for residential and commerical use (such as Hotels). We also offer basins, solid surfaces and wall coverings.


  • New product in the market
  • High quality
  • Great design at a very competitive price

About us

We have been trading with our Panel Stone products for the last 10 years and now we are expanding to the Bath sector. Due to our popularity and demand we are now ready to branch out to take our success to the next level.

Keywords: Shower trays, bathroom, shower, wallcovering, wall panels, home improvement, design, decoration, kretta bath, panelstone, brick panels, solid surface, basins, contemporary design, wet room