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DENDRO-SCOTT™ Root Barrier

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Roots 0 – Environment 1

Area – Areas available throughout the UK

Commission 20% on first order with a new account, (10% on subsequent orders), A£700/month retainer will be paid for the first three months + Marketing support + Training

Sales Agents Required 

If you are into the construction sector – Building Contractors, Builders Merchants, Land remediation specialists, Groundwork companies, Japanese Knotweed Specialists etc. – this essential solution could be a great addition to your portfolio.


  • Root Barrier manufacturer approved by the PCA and recognized by the Environment Agency
  • 50-years product warranty
  • Large stock sheet sizes and easy to join sheets on site using our double-sided Butyl tap system
  • Rapid delivery from our South London warehouse


  • Commission 10% with an additional 10% for each new account initial order
  • Company generated leads will be passed to the agents
  • Marketing support and product training
  • A £700/month retainer will be paid for the first three months

About us

Developed since 1980’s DENDRO-SCOTT Root Barrier has been providing solutions to prevent damage to structures and services from tree roots, Japanese Knotweed and other invasive plants throughout the UK and Ireland